English books

“Gemas” publishes books and  booklets on education and development inspired by the Writings of the Bahá’í Faith , with the purpose of contributing to the processes of personal and social transformation necessary for the establishment of a peaceful world civilization based on principles of justice and unity.

The great majority of the literature presently available through “Gemas” is in Spanish; however, gradually English versions will be made available of the most popular works.

A significant number of these texts were developed for use by Núr University in its educational programs and service to the community.  Nur University, a non-profit Bahá’í-inspired Bolivian University strives to give an education that not only engages the intellectual dimension of the human being, but also his moral/spiritual dimension.

Other texts, have been written directly to support the educational activities of Bahá’i communities around the world.

All the literature shares the common characteristic of communicating useful concepts in a way that facilitates reading, understanding and application.

The booklets are especially useful when working with youth or with community organizations.  Most of the booklets share a common format, dedicating 2 pages to each topic.  On the first page, the principal concepts are presented in easily-understood language.  The second page includes a drawing that illustrates the concepts, as well as one or two questions or activities that consolidate the understanding of the concept.