English books

“Editorial Gemas” publishes books focused on Transformative Leadership with the purpose of contributing to the processes of personal and social transformation necessary for the establishment of a peaceful world civilization based on principles of justice and unity.

All the books in English are available through Amazon, and share the common characteristic of communicating useful concepts in a way that facilitates reading, understanding, and application.

This page contains a listing of all the books and their prices with links to an individual page for each book that contains more details.  Most of the books are available both in print and in a digital format for Kindle, although a few are only available in one of the two formats.  On the individual page for each book, those that are available for kindle have a direct link to Amazon, as well as a preview of the text.

On Amazon, you can find all of these books on my Author Page:  http://www.tinyurl.com/joanhernandez

Transformative Leadership:  $9.95 Kindle, $14.24 print

Transformative Leadership Workbook $ 9.99 only in print

Transformative Leadership for Youth:  $9.99 only in print

Giving Love and Encouragement:  $5.50 Kindle, $7.95 print

Unity Diversity: The Role of Consultation: $5.95 Kindle, $7.99 print

Designing Dynamic Learning Sessions: $9.95 only in print

Transforming Relationships through Better Communication and Conflict Resolution $6.95 Kindle: $ 8.95 print

The Bahá’í Response to the Crisis of Our Time:  $6.95 Kindle, $9.00

Love, Courtship, and Marriage: $9.00 Kindle.

Moral Leadership for Baha’is: $5.99 Kindle, $9.95 print

Consultation for Youth Groups: A Guide to Better Decision Making: $4.95 Kindle, $5.95 print