Love, Courtship and Marriage


Love, Courtship and Marriage
Joan Barstow Hernández
135 pages
124 pages $9.00 

Curt Porter, Bahá’í National Librarian, Guatemala: The book is great. Whenever people here read it, they say things like, “I wish I read this before I got married”, or “Had I read this before I never would have gotten divorced”.

Trinidad and Tobago: The book Love, Courtship and Marriage, upon arrival (20) were sold within a week.  We are reading every Wednesday evening at our deepening sessions and every one stated that the book helps people to become better mothers, wives and husbands and is not just for those who want to get married.  The Assistant National Baha’i Distributor Service of Trinidad &Tobago requested that I email you asking to send us as soon as possible 30 books of Love, Courtship and Marriage.

USA: Wonderful!  I am about 30 pages into the book and enjoying its contents.  I am going to organize a study circle for couples in my community to read this book together.

From Amazon:  I am Baha’i, my husband is atheist. We had some major disagreements about how to handle infertility challenges, and were about to divorce. The Baha’i teachings presented in this book helped me re-frame life, marriage and spiritual growth in a very positive and practical way.

This book offers guidance from the Bahá’í Writings for all those of any age who are interested in developing a good marriage, based on the assumption that marital success  depends on the moral and spiritual qualities of both partners.

The chapters not only explore some of these qualities, but also give practical suggestion on getting to know the character of one another before marriage,  practices that strengthen the marriage and how to face the tests that are an inevitable part of any marriage.



A New Approach to Marriage

The Spiritual Foundation for Marriage: Truthfulness and Sincerity, Listening and Understanding, Responsibility, Courtesy, Selflessness, Maturity in Facing Problems, Love of God

Becoming Acquainted with One Another’s Character: Friendship, instead of an Exlusive Relationship, Working Together, Knowing Each Other in Diverse Situations

Developing Spiritual Qualities: The Process of Spiritual Development, Prayer, Immersion in the Bahá’í Writings, Service, Friendship with the Loved Ones of God, Fighting Spiritual Battles, Praying for Guidance

Chastity: Love and Sex, The Difference between Love and Attraction, Unwanted Children, The Need for Decision, Strict Chastity, Dealing with Feelings of Attraction, Special Friendships, Sex within Marriage

Laws which Govern Bahá’í Marriage: When Marrying Someone Who is Not a Bahá’í, When Two Bahá’ís Marry, Parental Consent, The Marriage Vow, Avoiding Alcoholic Beverages, Other Details, Shoghi Effendi’s Wedding


Married Life: Fidelity, Consultation, Family Relations, The Relationship between Husband and Wife, The Relationship between Parents and Children, Unity in Diversity, Obedience to God, Prayer, Study and Meditation on the Holy Writings, Service

Tests: Love, Honesty, Obtaining Security and Significance from a Relationship with God, Transforming Defects into Virtues

Spiritualizing Your Marriage: Living with a Partner who doesn’t Share Your Spiritual Ideals, Rewards of Spirituality

Efforts to Avoid Divorce: Remarriage

The Importance of Obeying Bahá’u’lláh’s Laws: The Need for Volition and Action

Marriage Tablet

Questionnaire for Greater Self-Knowledge