Transforming Relationships

The Problem

Who has not suffered from communication problems?

How often we explain something clearly, and yet the other person acts as if he had not heard a word we said.

Or with the best of intentions we want to clarify a point, and the other reacts as if we were attacking him or her.


Knowing how to communicate clearly and how to ensure that what we have said has been understood by the other person are some of the many skills that can be learned through reading this book and carrying out the activities it suggests.

In addition to clarifying communication skills, the text also explores the process of conflict resolution, presenting six principles underlying the collaborative mode of resolving conflicts, which allows everyone to win.

By implementing these principles, you can improve the way you handle conflicts when they arise.

So that you can help others with their conflicts, the book also explains the four main steps in mediating conflicts.


The language of the text is simple and easy to understand, including numerous anecdotes and examples to illustrate the explanations.

Each topic is further complemented by a discussion question or activity that helps consolidate learning.


You can immediately apply the ideas contained in the book to better your own life.

The text can also be a useful and entertaining way to present and practice these concepts in youth groups or other organizations.