Unity in Diversity

Unity in Diversity: The Role of Consultation
68 pages
$7.99 print; $5.95 kindle

Would you like to help your family, team, or organization to make better decisions and to do so more rapidly?

Would you like to better your relationships with those who think differently that you do?

The key to doing so is found in the capability of unity in diversity. By going beyond traditional patterns of relationships based on unity in uniformity and division in diversity, we discover how diversity can enrich our understanding and lead to better decisions.

We can learn to work harmoniously with those who have a different profession, race, culture or way of thinking. By taking advantage of diversity, we not only make better decisions but can also carry out more complex projects than what we could do with a group of people who all think the same.

This book explores the nature of unity in diversity and how to apply it. In the process, it explains the need to use consultation for making decisions. By approaching the topic under discussion with an open mind and the desire to deepen our understanding, we are motivated to listen attentively to others, especially when their ideas are quite different from our own. After broadening our understanding, we then strive to make a decision that contributes to the well-being of all.

This book will help you to go beyond tolerance for diversity, leading you to seek it out and deeply appreciate it.