Transformative Leadership: Developing the Hidden Dimension

Transformative Leadership: Developing the Hidden Dimension
Eloy Anello, Joan Hernandez, May Khadem
237 pages
Print: $14.24, Kindle:$9.95

Most books on leadership focus on skills – those visible aspects of leaders that garner applause, accolades and awards. This book is concerned with what is usually overlooked – the invisible aspects – ones that may never get noticed but without which a leader can never be truly great. We are concerned with that inner dimension that not only enhances important skills, but determines if the leader will choose to forgo self-interest for the common good. It is those inner qualities, attitudes and values that equip a leader to accept personal sacrifice in order to catalyze transformation. These are the leaders we need today.


The Crisis of Our Times
Mental Models of Human Nature and Society
Dominant Models of Leadership
A Conceptual Framework of Transformative Leadership
Capabilities for Personal Transformation
Capabilities for Transformation of Interpersonal Relationships
Capabilities for Social Transformation
Integrating the Capabilities
A Word about Ambition

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