TL for Youth

Transformative Leadership for Youth

Transformative Leadership for Youth
Joan Hernandez
78 páginas
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Are you concerned about the youth in your community?  Would you like to help a group of youth to develop the attitudes and skills that they need, not only to prepare for the future, but also to deal with problems such as bullying that they face in their daily interactions?

Faced with the tremendous challenges that characterize this stage of human history, which directly affect their lives, Transformative Leadership gives youth an idea of what they can do to build a better world–-starting wherever they are.

This book, prepared especially for use with youth and junior youth, contains summarized versions of all the major sections of the Transformative Leadership book, accompanied by discussion questions and practical applications at the end of each section.  It can be used both in the classroom and with youth organizations.

“I thought the three fundamental group functions were so helpful that I hung them on my wall. Then, when the situation called for it, I shared them with my band.”   Michael Lee: Junior Youth Animator