Giving Love and Encouragement

Giving Love and Encouragement:
A Capability that Enhances Interpersonal Relations
49 pages
$5.50 Kindle, $7.95 print

Although we often think of love as a feeling over which we have no control, in fact, we can decide to love and increase our ability to love. We begin by using practices that increase our thoughts of love, then learn to be more loving in our words and actions. This book describes a number of practices that can help us in this process.

Love is also the basis for giving encouragement to others. To motivate others, we need to have attitudes of abundance and acceptance, coupled with positive expectations of others. These positive attitudes need to be accompanied by skills, such as praising effectively, helping others to understand the significance of their labors, giving them opportunities to develop their potential, and accompanying them with an appreciative gaze as they develop new skills and capabilities.