The Bahá’í Response to the Crisis of Our Time

The Bahá’í Response to the Crisis of Our Time
Joan Hernandez
60 pages
$6.95 Kindle, $9.00 print

The world is facing so many problems, it’s difficult to know what one person can do. The systematic process of universal moral education developed by the Bahá’í Faith opens an array of actions which each person can take to help.

The times in which we live are characterized by two powerful processes: disintegration and integration. Each and every person has the possibility of contributing to the process of integration. Unfortunately, many remain spectators, observing and lamenting what is happening without taking any action to better the situation. They do so either because they don’t know what to do, or feel that due to the magnitude of the problems facing society, their efforts would have little effect.

Bahá’u’lláh has revealed teachings that give us a clear vision of the future society characterized by unity, justice, and peace that we are called to construct. The Universal House of Justice gives concrete guidance on the most effective actions we can take at this moment. It calls us to participate in a worldwide program of moral and spiritual education for different age groups – children, junior youth, youth and adults – offering materials and training for everyone interested in participating in this magnificent undertaking. Those who join the effort become part of a planetary network, receiving guidance and support in their efforts to contribute to a better world.

The book integrates easily-understood explanations with relevant quotes from Shoghi Effendi and Messages from the Universal House of Justice, including numerous quotes from the Message of December 29, 2015. The book helps you to grow in your faith in spite of all that is happening around us, providing constructive solutions to the forces that seem to be destroying the planet.

If you like easily-understood explanations of the crisis of our time, combined with practical steps you can take to contribute to a better world, you will love this book. Discover today what you can do to respond to today’s social problems, buying The Baha’i Response to the Crisis of Our Time.